Sakyadhita Korea’s E-Newsletter #2

Sakyadhita Korea has been publishing quarterly newsletters since 2013 and December 2021 will mark its 33rd edition. The editorial staff is composed of Bhiksunis and lay Buddhists who meet several times a year under the leadership of the chief editor Kim Eunhee. Following the last e-newsletter, this is what we have done in 2021. March […]

Sakyadhita Korea’s E-Newsletter #1

In 2020, Sakyadhita Korea continued with activities while following social distancing guidelines Ongoing Advanced English Reading Group Every Week Starting May 2nd, 2020, a group of Sakyadhita Korea members began an advanced English reading session, led by Professor Eun-su Cho. The members of the group met on Saturday mornings, through Zoom, to read and translate […]

Sakyadhita Korea Newsletter No. 27 (News from April – June 2020)

1. Advanced English Reading Class Stumbling Toward Enlightenment is continuously in progress – by Eunhee Kim Since May 2, 2020, Sakyadhita Korea has been running the Advanced English Reading Class from 8-11am each Saturday. The class is focusing on American meditation teacher Geri Larkin’s book, Stumbling Toward Enlightenment, and the class is led by Professor […]

Sakyadhita Korea Newsletter No. 26 (News from January to March 2020)

1. The 1st provisional general assembly Below is the report from the first provisional general assembly of Sakyadhita Korea, which was held on March 21, 2020 (Saturday). Report from the provisional general assembly Sakyadhita Korea hosts its regular general assembly in February each year. The 7th general assembly was to be held on February 22nd […]