Sakyadhita Forum

The Sakyadhita Korea Forum has been held since November 2017. The forum started as a means of promoting the development of Sakyadhita Korea and strengthening the bond and unity among members via sharing precious experiences of their daily lives or religious practices; understanding the strengths, talents and wisdom each member has; and sympathizing with their sufferings. Most importantly, one of the main objectives of the forum is to cultivate leadership through training that strengthens one’s ability to express herself.

The 8th Forum of Sakyadhita Korea: Accompanying reporter Kyungmok Ha’s report of the 2019 Sakyadhita Australia Conference

  • Date: October 19, 2019
  • Location: Seoul Buddhist Women’s Development Center
  • Presenter: Kyungmok Ha
  • Writer: Younghee Lee

Reporter Kyungmok Ha stated that he had learned a lot about the status and role of Sakyadhita while covering the Sakyadhita International Conference in Australia as a participant. Reporter Ha also stated that such an event plays a vital role in the development of Buddhism. He advised that the Sakyadhita International conferences be more publicized in the field of Korean Buddhism through the media so as to better inform Korean Buddhists and promote their participation in such events.

The 9th Forum of Sakyadhita Korea: Unesco World Buddhist Heritage

  • Date: December 21, 2019
  • Location: Seoul Buddhist Women’s Development Center
  • Presenter: Mia Shin
  • Writer: Younghee Lee

Mia Shin, a steering committee member of Sakyadhita Korea and a member of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, introduced and discussed the value of 48 UNESCO-designated Buddhist heritage items from 14 countries including India, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, China, and Korea.