The 1st provisional general assembly

Below is the report from the first provisional general assembly of Sakyadhita Korea, which was held on March 21, 2020 (Saturday).

Report from the provisional general assembly

Sakyadhita Korea hosts its regular general assembly in February each year. The 7th general assembly was to be held on February 22nd of this year, however, to abide by the government’s policy of practicing social distancing during COVID-19, the meeting was postponed by one month. Yet, because the situation did not stabilize, Sakyadhita Korea had no choice but to hold a provisional general assembly.

The provisional general assembly began at 11am on Saturday, March 21, 2020 and constituted a quorum with a total of 55 participating members, which exceeded 50 percent of its member participation. Out of the 64 regular members who paid membership fees (monthly, yearly, and lifetime membership fees), 12 regular members attended, while 43 sent representatives on their behalves. It is regretful that not many members were able to attend the assembly and enjoy pleasant small talk with fellow members, but Sakyadhita Korea greatly appreciates all members including those who sent representatives in spite of the onerousness they had to face.

During this provisional general assembly, a total of four agendas items were presented and passed.

  • Item 1: 2019 business report and a statement of accounts
  • Item 2: 2020 business plan and budget approval
  • Item 3: bylaw amendment
  • Item 4: 2020-2021 steering committee approval

The most significant points of this revision are that, hereafter, only those who pay a membership fee can become regular members and that a committee chief will be selected for the steering committee to handle business more effectively and promptly. Hyungeun Chung was elected as the chief of the steering committee.