Sakyadhita Korea Forum Report

The Sakyadhita Korea Forum is a place where members can share their practice experiences or precious experiences in their specialized field and in everyday life in a comfortable environment, as in Sarangbang. Through empathy and understanding of members’ strengths, talents, wisdom, and pain, the forums, which have been held on a quarterly basis since November 2017, strengthen the bonds among members and promote Sakadhita (“Shako”)’s development. Cultivating leadership through expression-strengthening training is one of the main objectives.

*Presenter: Hyoseok Sunim
*Date and Time: October 13, 2018
*Place: Seoul, Buddhist Women’s Development Institute

5th Forum: Yoga Meditation Practice / Sharing experiences

The fifth forum’s presenter, Hyoseok Sunim, got her teaching certification from Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in India. As we followed Sunim’s yoga, our bodies gradually started becoming more relaxed. Each sip of warm tea also melted my heart. We wrapped up the forum with casual conversation and brightened up the conversation by discussing various topics such as how Sunim first encountered yoga, the physical changes participants experienced, breathing, and mindfulness.

*Presenter: Cho Jeong-suk
*Date and Time: December 15, 2018
*Place: Seoul, Buddhist Women’s Development Institute

6th Forum: The Activities and Future Direction of Female Buddhists from the Perspective of the Field

During the 6th Forum, Cho Jung-sook, Buddhist social activist and the director who has worked at the Buddhist Women’s Development Institute for years and helped develop the competency of female Buddhists, shared her story. Before a group of 17 participants, Director Cho continued to calmly talk about her first encounter Buddhism, her motive for working at the development center, the difficulties she overcame as a female Buddhist, the problems she faces now, and how we should prepare for future problems.