The Translation and Interpretation Volunteer Group “Action Team” is in Action

The “Action Team,” comprised of GEP 6 graduates and interpretation committee members of the World Buddhist Information site establishment project, is a translation and interpretation volunteer group for Sakyadhita Korea. The first meeting was held on September 14, 2018, and since then, its members have gathered at 7pm on the second and fourth Fridays of every month to study for two hours. Together, the group studied "Doing Nothing," "Waking Up to Your World," and "Just Sitting, Going Now" from the famous American Buddhist magazine, Lion’s Roar, and read the manuscripts of “Reflections on a Mountain Lake” written by Tenzin Palmo Sunim. Shyako’s publicist, Sydney Thompson, has recorded the articles and shared them in the group chatting room so that students can practice interpreting. From early this year, the various Papers for Sakyadhita Australia Conference that will be hosted in June started arriving and now we are working on it!