Afterthoughts of the 2019 Shabam Shabam Year-End Party

“The dress code for this year’s Shabam Shabam was green. I was in a green one-piece dress and wrapped my child in a green scarf when we arrived at the Shabam Shabam event site. The event began with the 9th Forum under the subject of UNESCO World Buddhist Heritage presented by Ms. Mia Shin who works for the Korean National Commission for UNESCO. It was a very precious opportunity to hear the stories behind how the over-1,000-year-old temples, Tongdosa Temple, Beobjusa Temple, Magoksa Temple, Buseoksa Temple, all of which are both cultural assets and Buddhist cultural assets of Korea, became registered as world cultural heritages. This allowed me to realize the hidden strength of Korean Buddhism, and I was deeply touched beyond the feeling of gratitude towards the Buddhist community for preserving and cultivating these over-1,000-year-old temples.

After my mind was filled with interesting and meaningful lectures, it was now time to fill my belly. The event proceeded without paper cups or disposable plates to abide by the green campaign in line with the theme of ‘global environment.’ With the delicious food that each person brought, I ended up becoming gluttonous. Ms. Mikyung Ahn’s homemade Injeolmi rice cake and Ms. Hanul Kim’s vin chaud were delicious, but the best was the red bean porridge that Shihyun Sunim made with all her heart. It was even more delicious as I felt sunim’s ardent wish to sweep away the bad energy for the new coming year through her red bean porridge for Sakyadhita members. The highlight of Shabam Shabam were the various games that followed dinner. I realized that I was lost in the games like a little child, without recognizing the time, as I played Korean jackstones, a game with rabbit ears and a crossword puzzle with Buddhist terms.

I am so very thankful to Sakyadhita Korea for preparing such a precious venue and for the members who adore my immature and loud child that is growing up as the youngest Sakyadhita member.” ~by Soyeon Kang