Sakyadhita Korea’s E-Newsletter #2

Sakyadhita Korea has been publishing quarterly newsletters since 2013 and December 2021 will mark its 33rd edition. The editorial staff is composed of Bhiksunis and lay Buddhists who meet several times a year under the leadership of the chief editor Kim Eunhee.

Following the last e-newsletter, this is what we have done in 2021.


Bongak sunim is donating a fund to Myanmar students who are studying in Korea.
Bhiksunis and lay Buddhists gathered with Myanmar students to pray for Myanmar.

Together with the Korean Bhiksuni Association led by the president Bongak sunim, who is also the Co-President of Sakyadhita Korea, Sakyadhita Korea participated in a prayer relay for the people of Myanmar who are suffering from the military coup of February 2021. Funds were donated by bhikshunis and lay Buddhists to the Myanmar students who are studying in Korea.


Due to the pandemic, the entire course was conducted online.
The two Co-Presidents of Sakyadhita Korea Bongak sunim and professor Cho Eun-su together with eminent nuns presented the awards to the twenty graduates.

The translation and interpretation program called the Global Empowerment Project (G.E.P.) for Buddhist nuns and lay women has completed its 7th biannual course last May. The three-hour curriculum is divided into two parts. During the first part, students learn English, Korean, Sanskrit, Pali, and Tibetan Buddhist vocabulary and basic Buddhist knowledge needed for translation. In the second part, students learn the basic techniques for interpretation. This year due to the global pandemic the course was conducted virtually. Professor Cho Eun-su taught the first part and interpreter Kim Eun-kyung was in charge of the second part. We also invited Ms. May Ling Yeo, former treasurer at Sakyadhita International spoke about Business English.

August to September

Members and G.E.P. students translated the paper and workshop abstracts from English into Korean for the 17th Sakyadhita Conference Online.


Kim Lunah introduced about eco-friendly dining at the Sakyadhita conference
Lee Young-hee explained how she and her husband tried to make trails and preserve the forestal environment.

The Korean Bhiksuni Association launched in October a campaign to save the Earth. The newly elected president of Sakyadhita International Sharon Suh and Sakyadhita Australia sent their thoughts and congratulatory messages. Two Sakyadhita Korea members Lee Young-hee and Kim Lunah who are practicing environmental activities talked about their concerns and experiences.


North Korean refugees and South Korean women gathered to make North Korean kimchee to share with the refugees. Sakyadhita Korea sponsored and participated in this goodwill event. Our executive committee members Lee Young-hee, Jeon Young-sook, and Ahn Mi-kyung were glad to have taken part and made new friends.

All year

Prof. Cho Eun-su led the reading.
Myung-jin sunim reading.

Members gathered every Saturday mornings for the last 16 months and just finished to read ‘Old Path White Clouds’ a book by Thich Nhat Hanh in English. The reading was led by prof. Cho Eun-su, Lee Young-hee was the coordinator.

Yu-jeong sunim talked about her praying experience in Buddhagaya.
Lee Young-geun talked about raising children in a Buddhist family.
Lee Young-ja talked about Buddhist Studies and Women’s Studies.

Sakyadhita members engage in small Ted-like forums two to four times per year. The topics this year were ‘My life, my family and Buddhist practice’ by Lee Young-geun, ‘Buddhist Studies and Women’s Studies, its correlation’ by Lee Yung-ja, ‘One-hundred-day-prayers in Buddhagaya’ by Yu-jeong sunim.

Sakyadhita members on a day out at a Buddhist Art exhibition.
Sakyadhita members visited the Mita-sa.

Members regularly gathered and toured temples and museums exhibiting Buddhist art.

Published by Sakyadhita Korea
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Co-Presidents Bongak Sunim & Dr. Eun-su Cho
Newsletter publishing team: Eunhee Kim (chief editor), Yu-jeong Sunim, Lunah Kim, Yoo Sung (Jenny) Kim, Sydney Thompson, Hyung Eun Chung